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fmagiftexchange's Journal

Fullmetal Alchemist Gift Exchange
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Fullmetal Alchemist Gift Exchange - Give a Little of Yourself!
A place for Fullmetal Alchemist fans to share their work by making something specifically for another fan, be it icons, art, fanfic, fantracks.

The following rules apply:

You must join the community.

1) Play nice or no one will want to play with you (that should go without saying, I know). This means absolutely no bashing of any character, pairing or FMA universe.

2) If you put in a request, you must be prepared to fill one in return (hence the whole 'gift exchange' in the name of the community). If you think you can fill two, you're a blessing and I will worship at your feet (from afar, at least). Also, if you are willing to pinch hit for an unfulfilled prompt, I will rain stars down on your head (or send Armstrong to overwhelm you with sparkles and hugging techniques passed down through generations of...well, you know). If you have failed to fill a prompt in the past, you will not be allowed to participate until you complete the requirements for the previous exchange (so if you were asked to provide two gifts, you would need to post two (2) gifts to the community prior to participating in the current exchange. No exceptions.

3) All ratings are welcome (gen to explicit) with the understanding what you request may not be what you get. In other words, if you're looking for porn, you may be in the wrong place.

4) Prompts from all sanctioned versions of Fullmetal Alchemist (i.e., the manga, the 2003 anime, including Conqueror of Shamballa, FMA: Brotherhood, Star of Milos, the games, the novels and even A.U. requests) are welcome.

5) Likewise, all pairings are welcome (again, with the caveat of items number 1 & 3).

6) Everyone must complete this form during the sign up period:

A) Author/Artist name:
B) Email:
C) Livejournal:

D) Character(s)/Pairing(s) (Note: If you want something with Olivia's subordinates for example, that's okay; just say that):
E) Prompt (a few words; a line from a song or poem, however, no outside links):
F) What I don't want (self explanatory, however, do not say, "I don't want icons!" and expect anyone to take you seriously. Additionally, if you don't like a particular pairing/ship/what have you, just say, "Please no Ed/Winry", don't say, "Hetsex makes me sick!"):
G) Rating I'd Like (with the understanding that if you request 'explicit', you may not get it, depending on who chooses your prompt):

(REMEMBER: You must post three (3) separate requests. See the example below if you have questions).

H) What I can bring to the table (i.e.: "I cartoon/draw/write/make icons/make fantracks/make banners/make wallpapers/make fanvids"):
I) I really enjoy working with (particular characters, pairings, etc.):
J) I can fill in/pinch hit if necessary:
K) I won't work with (particular character/pairings):
L) I can work with the following versions of FMA: Manga (up to what chapter? Gaidens?); Anime; Conqueror of Shamballa/OVAs; FMA: Brotherhood/OVA, Milos, A.U.'s(please list all appropriate):

Please list three sets of requests. Both will be displayed as blind prompts in a master list. Once the master list is up, everyone should review and make at least three choices of prompts you are willing to fulfill. For an example:

Person A makes the following prompts:

Characters: Alex Louis and Katherine Armstrong
Prompt: Kitten, something soft
What I don't want: incest themes
Rating I'd like: Any appropriate

Characters/Pairings: Olivia/Roy
Prompt: The first snowfall in Central after one of them is made Fuhrer
What I don't want: Jealous Riza
Rating I'd like: R/Teen

Characters/Pairings: Maes Hughes
Prompt: Waiting for Elicia to be born.
What I don't want: First anime 'verse; please use Manga/Brotherhood.
Rating I'd like: Whatever's appropriate.

Person B requests the second prompt as third choice in his/her list. Person C requests the first prompt as first choice in his/her list. At that point, I will do my best to match the prompt request with the person choosing the prompt (which is why I'd like to know what you're bringing to the table).

7) When the sign ups are closed, I will work diligently to get the prompts up for everyone to review and make choices for fulfilling the prompts.

8.) You will get a prompt delivered to the email address you provided in your post and it is up to you to decide how you want to fulfill that prompt. To prove you have read these rules, be sure to put the phrase, 'Ling is the King!', in your posted response when it asks.

9) Final words: Whatever you choose to create in response to your prompt, please consider the following as minimum guidelines: 1,000 words of fiction; 5 icons; 2 wallpapers/banners; 1 original piece of art; 1 fanvid; 5 fantrack songs.

I'm looking forward to this!

Note: Many thanks to cya_ficathon and inuholidays for the assists in prompts and rules. You folks rock!